How Does The “Make-A-Wish Foundation Of America” Enlightens The Lives Of The Diseased Kids?

How Does The “Make-A-Wish Foundation Of America” Enlightens The Lives Of The Diseased Kids?

Diseases and health challenges are certainly terrible at a young age. Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is a charitable organization working to support and provide assistance to young children and teenagers below 18 years suffering from life-risking diseases.

What are their objectives?

The trust works relentlessly to make the little dreams like, I wish to have, I wish to go to, I want to be, or I like to do, by supporting them to turn into reality. The fundraisers and counselors of the group work to promote strength, hope, and optimism among the young ones under treatment to improve their lives and help them stand tall in front of society.

Diseased Kids

What are their services?

These days, many diseases have a permanent cure using advanced medicine and equipment, but some are still untreatable. When such conditions snatch away the joy of life from the kids, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and its community worldwide help them experience the moments with satisfaction.

The trust funds the tours and travels to favorite destinations, conducts the activities or games the children want to see themselves in, and even provides them a chance to play the role of their ideal profession for a short time. The volunteers work with the physicians to plan and set forth a guided trip or experience to make their wishes true.

Diseased Kids

History and supporters

Make-A-Wish is an international community headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the United States, where it was established in 1980. It was reported to be started by U.S Custom’s Officer Tommy Austin and the celebrated philanthropist Frank Shankwitz.

Their funds for the year 2020 reported around $460 million, which comprised various charitable donations, goods, and individual interests of people worldwide. Many global business heads like Disney, American Airlines, Dave and Buster’s, or allegiant are among their trustworthy patrons.

How can you contribute?

The trust works on social contributions and donations from everyone living anywhere to help the kids reach their dreams. Anyone, regardless of their age, gender, and nationality, can contribute to the cause in the following ways.

  • Donate funds

The interested volunteers can start their self-hosted fund-raising platforms and activities to collect and contribute. It can be through parties, social activities, group works, corporate business projects, or even donations to individual interests.

Donators can also consider funding for travel and transport tickets and fares for airline trips, boarding and lodging facilities in several tourist destinations. Donations of a motor vehicle like a car or jeep and stock of goods are also welcome if they are useful for the kids.

Diseased Kids

  • Refer a child

Apart from money and funds, one can actually refer a child to ensure they aren’t left out of the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s radar. Parents or guardians of challenged children or those under treatment are allowed to refer the child to the organization. Treatment facilities or their personal doctors are also eligible to come forth to inform and confirm the child’s disease and plight to register them for a wish.

Young ones burdened with treatments and diseases face a lot more than any normal kid. Many of them lose hope to keep up to the end to endeavor for their dreams. Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with volunteers worldwide, can really reach out to thousands of such children and hold their hands to help them cross this gloomy sea.

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