Discover All About The Charitable Organization “Wounded Warrior Project” For War Veterans’ Support

Discover All About The Charitable Organization “Wounded Warrior Project” For War Veterans’ Support

Though patriotic professions like military, navy, or air-force prepare the soldiers to face the toughest challenges like wounds or death, any accident or physical loss deprives them of even more than an injury.

Though they survive the blow and attack, their wounds can become a reason to leave the post and retire as permanent veterans. Wounded Warrior Project is one such American charitable trust that helps these suffering veterans and their families in the challenging days of their lives by providing them social and economic support.

Charitable Organization

What is their motive?

The trust exclusively works for the surviving warriors across the American states to provide them every assistance and support to pull their life. Be it a physical wound or mental illness, the military wounded officials, regardless of man or woman, are welcome to join their community for availing collective support.

Their notable services 

Starting from mental wellness counseling and PTSD help, the trust’s volunteers provide one-to-one support in every aspect of life. They help in managing resources and searching for new financial supports. The acquired funds help in community services by supplying the veterans with essential goods and helping by educating them about resource management. They even conduct regular welfare and sports programs for cheerful enjoyment.

Who are the founders?

Wounded Warrior Project, abbreviated as WWP, was founded in 2003 in Roanoke, Virginia, as a certified non-profit society. Veteran Army officer John Melia started the organization after he was brutally affected in Somalia’s plane crash.

He also helped his fellow soldiers in Walter Reed Army Medical Center by donating funds and goods. Until 2005, WWP was a subsidiary and partner of the United Spinal Association of New York. Later with the determination to expand housing, healthcare, and counseling support to veterans around the states, the organization split up as an independent entity.

Charitable Organization

How can you donate for support?

The trust faithfully works for the development and support of the wounded veterans, providing them goods and monetary assistance. Individuals or businesses worldwide can donate to the charitable trust as funds or money in honor of an army official.

The fund-raising programs, payments through online donations, volunteering for activities, nursing assistance, or even a donation of car and goods are welcome. The monetary payment system supports all types of cards, gift coupons, cryptocurrency and e-wallet transfers, or any transaction through the wire.

The visitors can even find their online shop with an array of products like clothes, caps, hats, bottles, tumblers, and even pocket knives, all designed in military themes and colors.

The money collected through the charges is strictly contributed to the welfare funds instead of the management or administration. Apart from simply purchasing, one can even gift these items to any veteran family as a token of support and appreciation.

War veterans who are wounded and left out of their service find it difficult to cope with their physical impairment, mental pressure, and financial burdens due to the loss of their employment. Wounded Warrior Project is a strong support system for all the veterans and their families to help them channel their lives in a new course.

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