Explore All About the Services of Charitable Organization “American Cancer Society”

Explore All About the Services of Charitable Organization “American Cancer Society”

Cancer is one of the life-snatching diseases that every medical research is chasing to get a permanent cure. Even though many hospitals and medicines promise a treatment in most cases, the bills and side effects burden the patients. Relieving many patients from this grief by providing the best support, the American Cancer Society works for the just cause and cure.

What is their motive?

Working with a target of treating every form of cancer, the American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization and research center providing social help. They are promised community workers depending on integrity, compassion, and determination to provide services without discrimination.

American Cancer Society

What do they help with?

The trust provides numerous programs and counseling sessions before, during, and after cancer treatment. They have categorized sections for providing basic information about any type of cancer, different treatments available, and how to arrange and cope with the mental stress and the treatment burdens.

Their resources don’t limit to theories, as they are also best among the counselors to provide remote one-to-one support. With the best cancer specialists and mental health therapists in their team, patients can customize their program and opt for any help required.

Notably, the funds and donations are used for the American Cancer Society research center, contributions to various cancer treatment hospitals, and extra support to the patients under treatment. For arranging transport and lodging, getting through the financial issues, or arrangements for insurances, they are best to provide quick support without charging a cent!

The patients can also receive post-treatment recreation, depression support, hair loss, or skin damage treatment to revive back into their lives. Their volunteers are steadily available on foot and behind the telephones to attend to any institution and patient in need.

Foundation and history

ACS cancer support society was founded by a group of physicians and business investors with the name, The American Society for the Control of the Cancer, in May 1913 in New York City, US. Later in 1944, the name changed to American Cancer Society as the organization became a non-profit and taxable trust.

The trust functions in more than 150 states across the USA and has local offices and headquarters in more than 5000 cities and localities. They had numerous supporters throughout their journey, counting more than 45 Nobel laureates, business groups like Genentech, Pfizer, and NHL. Along with them, the recent Coaches vs. Cancer initiative by the states’ basketball clubs to collaborate for cancer relief is growing widely as many junior and senior clubs eagerly join.

How can you donate them?

While availing of free support, the individuals and businesses can help the ACS trust with a variety of contributions. The ACS donation options involve cash donations through online payments, working as a volunteer for emergencies or awareness programs, or helping them by conducting a fund-raising program. The willing supporters can also check out their store to buy gifts and treats whose charges will be directed to the trust’s cancer relief fund.

As much as cancer is a dreadful disease, patients are usually crushed under dreadful mental pressure and depression throughout their treatment. ACS works freely to support and assist the stricken patients shine out confidently again.

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