Tax Credits for Working Families Public Information Campaign

The Piton Foundation considers tax credits for working families, especially the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), to be important tools for increasing the financial security of Colorado families.

For more than 25 years, Piton has conducted the Tax Credits for Working Families Public Information Campaign to help increase the number of eligible families receiving the EITC, the Child Tax Credit and other valuable credits that help families make ends meet. Since it launched in 1990, our campaign has helped double the number of Coloradans receiving the EITC, increasing the amount of refunds claimed by working families from $77 million to more than $772 million.

Campaign Strategy

With the help of thousands of partners statewide, Piton distributes more than 1.2 million pieces of EITC educational materials throughout Colorado each tax season. 

The campaign utilizes three over-arching outreach strategies to build awareness in the community:

Community Outreach: We directly communicate with EITC-eligible individuals through a direct mail campaign and by providing educational materials to nonprofit, community and government organizations that serve low-income families.

Employer Outreach: We partner with businesses to help them ensure that eligible employees benefit from the EITC.

Advertising Media Campaign: We conduct traditional public relations and paid advertising campaigns to help spread the message to a wider audience.

To learn more about our campaign, please download our 2016 campaign report.

Promotional Materials

2017 materials available:

2017 LEAP resource flier

Our full suite of 2017 promotional materials will be available soon.