Know Everything About Charitable Trust- “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”

Know Everything About Charitable Trust- “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”

Charitable trusts often work in a region or worldwide; for a singular cause or a collective outlook. St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a trust and organization working to develop cures and treatments for various pediatric problems. It is one of the highly-rated non-profit trusts of the United States of America since 1962.

What’s their objective?

The hospital and medical research center are dedicated to extending their free services for treating childhood diseases like cancer, leukemia, life-threatening syndromes, and organ damages.

Unlike other medical organizations, their unique treatment approach solely depends on the funds and donations while promising a high-class treatment. Every patient they attend to counts for research, as the hospital works for a more rigid solution to cure the disease.

About Charitable Trust

Popular services in the United States

St. Jude’s is a single branch, multi-specialty hospital working for the cure of life-threatening pediatric diseases. They don’t charge their patients for treatment, medicines, and hospital amenities. The charges are borne by the funds raised, periodic donations, and insurance claims if the patients have any.

Throughout their journey, the cancer survival ratio increased impressively to 80% this day from a meager 20% in the 1960s.

Notable immunologist and 1966 noble laureate, Peter Doherty, is one of the center’s Ph.D. scholars. Recently, St. Jude’s won the 2020 Webby Award for health and fitness. The September 2021’s space tourism trials of Elon Musk’s, The Inspiration 4, was also a fundraiser program donating around $50 million for the hospital’s development.

Along with children’s healthcare improvement, St. Jude also works as a great supporter of children’s academic programs, daily hospital volunteering activities, and wellness marathons and events.

Who are the major founders and contributors?

The trust was founded back in 1962 by the famous American actor, singer Danny Thomas, along with his ally, a pathologist, Lemuel Diggs. The center is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has a grandeur of 70 years of trustful services.

The research center was named after St. Jude Thaddeus, whom Thomas followed relentlessly. The center was established as a secular organization to accept patients from any country without any racial, social, and economic discrimination.

With time, the contributors came forth to help in expanding and developing the center with the latest medicine and equipment. The American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities or ALSAC, set up by Thomas himself, is currently the major donator for the hospital, which also works for periodic fundraising programs. Catholic Cardinal Samuel Stritch, Chilli’s Bar and Restaurant, and actress Marlo Thomas’ Center for Global Education also played a major role in the development.

About Charitable Trust

How can you contribute?

Though most donations and contributions are from business donations and funds, common people can also extend their help through online resources. People can pay a single time or register themselves as monthly patrons.

The official website provides an easy channel to fill up details and pay using cards. E-wallets like Amazon-Pay or PayPal are also supported for quick and remote donations. Starting from the smallest amount of $25, every man has a fair chance to contribute to this genuine cause.

Developing and constantly researching various fields of emerging diseases, St. Judes holds its position high following its mission of “Finding Cures Saving Children” to save every little soul on the planet.

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