Explore About the Charitable Organization “American National Red Cross”

Explore About the Charitable Organization “American National Red Cross”

Disaster relief is an emergency and the one accounting quick action every time. The extent of destruction and the expanse of the ruins challenge the region’s public works and government to deliver urgent help.

Since the resources and supplies are bound to be arranged quickly, charitable trusts are depended up on to come forth to support. American National Red Cross, one of the top charitable trusts of the USA, is the foremost contributor to every disaster’s rescue and management.

Charitable Organization

What are their vision and objective?

Red Cross works with a vision to save suffering societies by providing funds and resources to the required organizations. They aspire to gather people to stand for their fellow citizens to help out each other in crisis. Being neutral to every man and extending a helping to every need is their true mission.

Services and notable events

American Red Cross is a certified affiliate of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, commonly working in the American states. They work for disaster management, blood donation to various healthcare centers, support numerous military and veteran families.

Along with fundraising and help, they have an exclusive program providing training for human safety and disaster management. They invite every young and aged person to join hands and volunteer for charitable work while standing as prominent supporters for any relief programs and assistance.

Other than the emergencies, they have frequent blood donation camps and even invite collaborations from blood donation hosts. They also provide regular emergency services round the clock for all military families and aged people.

Beyond the continent, American Red Cross has extensively contributed to several disasters like the Bahamas hurricane of 2019, the Philippines typhoon of 2013, and Nepal’s landslide of 2021. Their latest blood donation app was recognized as the best charitable giving app of 2021 by BestApp.com.

Charitable Organization

Open training programs for all!

Red Cross training programs scale from basic healthcare courses like performing CPR, AEP, and lifeguard techniques. The long-term courses cover nurse assistance, babysitting, child-care tutorials, and disaster management. They provide paid training sessions through online platforms along with verified certifications.

Corporate businesses can also apply for bulk programs for disaster management and workplace safety training. Apart from lectures and training, they also sell various resources and kits to help the people attend to the job on quick toes.

History and setup of the organization

Red Cross was established 140 years back in May 1881 by renowned Civil War nurse Clara Barton in Washington DC. Since they opened their doors, the Red Cross nurses and volunteers are among the first to arrive for assistance. With time many reputed business tycoons and media stars have supported them with funds and donations.

Charitable Organization

How can you help them?

Working with the organization is a fascinating opportunity as any person can register for volunteering activities or collaboration of services. We can also donate money through the online form provided on their website and physically participate in the blood donation camps.

The trust is most active on every social media and news publishing platform to update their events and receive requests for services. One can even visit their official blog and surf through their website to search and donate suitably.

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