About the Data Initiative

 Who We Are

The Data Initiative has a deep understanding of community issues facing low-income families and communities. Established in 1991, the program has become a leader in Colorado for analyzing and sharing data to improve community decision-making. We played a pioneering role in advocating for open data and have continued to develop state-of-the-art digital information tools and strategies that serve as the go-to source for comprehensive, easy-to-access neighborhood-level data. In addition, the Data Initiative conducts independent research to analyze raw data and provide context to key community issues.

In response to changing demographics and economic conditions in metro Denver, the Data Initiative has shifted its focus from a historically Denver-centric one to a seven-county regional view. The first web-based application that was created with this expanded geographic reach is our updated Community Facts tool, which offers free, neighborhood level data.

For an overview of significant projects completed over the past year, download the Data Initiative's 2015 annual report to the community. 

National Neighborhood Indicators Partner

The Data Initiative is a founding member of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP). Created in 1995, (NNIP) is a collaborative effort by the Urban Institute and local partners to further the development and use of neighborhood informationsystems inlocal policymaking and community building.

Through the network, NNIP partners share what they know, learn from each other, and uncover new ways to revitalize neighborhoods and improve lives. Learn more about NNIP here

What We Do

Community Change Research: We perform research and analysis in support of key policy initiatives around issues such as early education, transit-oriented development and affordable housing.

Neighborhood Mapping & Analysis: Through urban spatial analysis, we help organizations better understand their communities’ characteristics so they can plan for opportunities and challenges.

Data Visualizations: We are skilled in using graphic representations and other visuals to help explain complex social issues to non-data audiences.

Technology Tools: We use technology to build data and research tools that support community change initiatives, and we utilize innovative web-based solutions and information platforms to provide freely available data and analysis.

Data Initiative Team

Please direct all inquiries regarding the Data Initiative to Jennifer Newcomer, Director of Research.

Matt Barry, Vice President of Strategic Assessment

Jennifer Newcomer, Director of Research

Mingming Zhang, Data & Research Analyst

Qing Liu, Geospatial System Developer Intern

Kelly Nelson, Research Analyst