All You Need to Know About Charitable Organization “The Salvation Army”

All You Need to Know About Charitable Organization “The Salvation Army”

Salvation, according to Christian Bible, refers to saving the soul from worldly problems and injustice. Setup in London by the prestigious Protestant Christian Church Society, The Salvation Army is a worldwide functioning charitable trust. Embracing the holy traditions and humanity intact, they strive to extend help, rescuing every soul in need.

What’s their objective?

The Salvation Army doesn’t focus on a single social issue but supports a broad aspect to save humanity. The funds and donations are readily available to cater to any need anytime. They work with the vision to promote faith, justice, and well-being for all. Working on the principles of the Bible, they preach God’s words of wisdom and equality to provide and promote the same for all.

Salvation Army

Services and popularity

As there are no bounds, the services are countless in the society so diverse. Starting with the healthcare associations, educational groups, old age facilities, traders’ unions to the drug addiction support, they assist with all.

They help the existing organizations develop by providing funds and also conduct volunteering activities and donation programs frequently. Though many countries have granted them public licenses to work independently, they also work as political associates with some.

Current statistics account for The Salvation Army working successfully in around 131 countries worldwide with heavy support and response. During the fiscal year 2020, the trust successfully collected around $2 billion worldwide, with a large share contributing to the pandemic relief. With more than one million workers across the globe and 30,000 officers in the hierarchy, they are proudly among the world’s top 100 charitable trusts.

Who are the major founders and contributors?

The Army’s establishment dates back to 19th century London to the year 1895. It was founded by the Christian Methodist and preacher William Booth along with his wife, Catherine Booth. The trust follows a hierarchy of trustees and officials where the highest position is of the General.

The first General was William Booth himself whereas, the current General for the 21st century is Brian Peddle. The General is elected only in the headquarters, London EC4, who governs the worldwide Army associations. The respective countries have their head offices and administrators making required decisions and timely reporting to the headquarters.

Salvation Army

How can you contribute?

As the trust spreads worldwide to help with various developments, you can also donate to their collective group to help. There is no differentiation among any city or country, as The Salvation Army hosts the World Service Office to accept collections from online resources. You have the option to contribute once or for monthly packages. If you wish to be a regular and also have a regional Salvation Army trust in your country, you can visit the respective subpage and register yourself with your details for periodic payments.

The Salvation Army has an extensive webpage and maintains a regular online blog to connect the world digitally. They also publish an annual Army Year Book, which is available across all the international bookstores and e-commerce sites. One of the most established, The Salvation Army works and strives to keep its motto “Doing the Most Good” soaring high.

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